The Picasso of the serial killing community. Ted Bundy was handsome, charming, intelligent, self-assured, with a brilliant future, and deadlier than a rattlesnake. Using his good looks, he was able to invisibly abduct and kill his victims and continue with his seemingly charmed life. From early 1974 to early 1978, the stranger called "Ted" stalked young women on college campuses, at shopping malls, in apartment buildings and grade schools in Washington, Oregon, Utah, Idaho, Colorado and finally Florida.

Ted Bundy allegedly killed 36 women, but by his own admission, there were at least 100 more unaccounted for. He made a last-minute attempt to save his life by offering to bargain murder confessions for a reprieve but failed - it was not granted.

For a relatively short period of Bundy's life, America's ambivalent fascination with this man and his crime put his grinning visage in every major periodical and on every television tube. Who can remember the name of his trial judge, his appellate judge, his prosecutor, or even his victims? They pale beside the spectacle of Bundy, a celluloid spectre, a Mephistophelian memory, a symbol of silent infamy that survives the crypt.

The execution of Ted Bundy certainly ended his corporeal existence but hardly his spirit. In a perverse sense, Bundy lives. In fact, despite official denials, there may lurk in America's shadow a dark force, an almost palpable personality bent on emulating or worse, outdoing!, Ted Bundy.

Had he been left to serve a term of years in prison like thousands of his criminal contemporaries, America's dark fascination with Bundy would have paled. By searing his flesh, the state made him bigger than life! Bigger than death! And in doing so it may have encouraged others to follow his lead.

As Bundy said himself:"We serial killers are your sons, we are your husbands, we are everywhere. And there will be more of you children dead tomorrow. You feel the last bit of breath leaving their body. You're looking into their eyes. A person in that situation is God! ..."  

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