The Holocaust is the systematic slaughter of not only 6 million Jews the primary victims, but also 5 million others, approximately 11 million individuals wiped off the Earth by the Nazi regime - cut off because of racism and hate.

The Holocaust was the extermination of people not for who they were but for what they were. Groups such as handicaps, Gypsies, homosexuals, Jehovah's Witnesses, Catholics, Poles, Soviet prisoners of war, political dissidents and others were persecuted by the Nazis because of their religious/political beliefs, physical defects, or failure to fall into the "Aryan" ideal.

Horrors of Holocaust
Children of Holocaust
Auschwitz - The Gate to Hell
Kz camp Bergen-Belsen
Hell of Belzec
Josef Mengele, Angel of Death
Reinhard Heydrich
Adolf Eichmann
Heinrich Himmler, SS
Hans Frank, the Nazi butcher
Men of Evil - Hitler`s Henchmen