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  • I recommend the books:
    French Children of the Holocaust: A Memorial, by Serge Klarsfeld. New York University Press. 1,904 pp. 2,500 photographs.
    The Children of Izieu: A Human Tragedy, by Serge Klarsfeld. New York, Abrams: 1984

    Beate and Serge Klarsfeld
    Bolivia Web "The Outsiders"
    Philippe Brunet-Lecomte, "Les trois traîtres français d'Izieu," Lyon Figaro 2 June, 1987
    Pierre Bois, "D'Izieu à Auschwitz, le martyre de 44 enfants," Le Figaro 28 May, 1987
    Letter from Izieu By Raphael Rothstein
    Musee Memorial des Enfants d’Izieu (Memorial Museum of the Children of Izieu)
    - www.izieu.alma.fr/
    Photographs from French Children of the Holocaust A Memorial by Serge Klarsfeld
    The Consortium by Martin A. Lee
    The History of Espionage - www.theoffice.net/1spy
    The Macedonian News Service
    The Philadelphia Inquirer
    The Simon Wiesenthal Center - www.wiesenthal.com/
    The Trial of Klaus Barbie - http://members.aol.com/voyl/barbie/barbie.htm
    Paintings: David Olère