Today Oscar Schindler's name is known to millions as a household word for courage in a world of brutality - the flawed hero who saved hundreds of Jews from Hitler's gas chambers. A saint walking through hell. One remarkable man who outwitted the Nazis to save more Jews from the gas chambers than any other during World War 2.

He surfaced from the chaos of madness, spent millions bribing and paying off the SS and eventually risked his life to rescue 1200 Jews in the shadow of Auschwitz. In those years, millions of Jews died in the death camps, but Schindler's Jews miraculously survived.

Oscar Schindler died penniless. But he earned the everlasting gratitude of his Schindlerjews. Today there are 7,000 descendants of Schindler's Jews living in US and Europe, and many in Israel. Before the Second World War, the Jewish population of Poland was 3.5 million. Today there are between 3,000 and 4,000 left.

Here you find Schindler Jews sharing memories of their unlikely savior - generations will remember him for what he did ..