Established 3 March 1938, the Flossenburg concentration camp in Germany was consistently in operation until liberated by American troops on 23 April 1945.
The Flossenburg Concentration Camp was supervised by 800 German SS troops and according to records found in the camp 54,896 men and over 10,000 women were held prisoner here. In the 14 months preceding 20 April, 1945, 14,000 inmates died from exhaustion and under nourishment, mistreatment and various diseases. The prisoners worked in quarries and a nearby airplane Messerschmidt factory.
On 20 April, 1945, 13,000 inmates were marched away. Those who could not keep up the march were killed by the wayside. About 2,000 were left in the camp when U.S. troops arrived. Among those reported to have been left in the camp were Kurt Von Schuschnig, former Chancellor of Austria, Leopold, King of the Belgiums. Prince Albrecht of Austria, and Hjalmar Schact, Reich Minister of Finances.

23 year old Czech victim of Flossenburg